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Growth Compass

83 ratings

Growth Compass

Legacy Compass
83 ratings

Over 500 members! I never imagined we have this big of a group but here we are!

We all know how much easier it is for bigger accounts to make more sales.

They might not even be that great at selling or tweeting but they have all the social proof they need to convince someone to buy.

This is why I created Growth Compass.

This group will not only have you seeing immediate growth on Twitter but will also have you growing the right way.

With genuine connections and followers eager to like whatever you put out!

Included is 

  • Access to an exclusive discord channel
  • 70+ 5 Star Ratings
  • Multiple channels to learn about Twitter
  • 50-75% commission on ALL sales!
  • A chance to win retweets from @Upskillyourmoney OR Wise Chimp (500K+ FOLLOWERS COMBINED)
  • Early access to deals from our members 
  • Tweedisc activated to save you hours of time
  • 24/7 Twitter help
  • Never before seen “Comments” and “Threads” section!
  • A channel to upgrade your profile
  • A channel dedicated to improving your tweets
  • Able to use multiple accounts
  • Free analysis of your account
  • New "Daily Retweet" channel!

If you do not see immediate growth I will personally refund your money back for every month you do not grow!

So on top of all of these benefits, you also pay nothing if it doesn’t work!

This is exactly how I started and now I am averaging 200+ follows a day!

All of this sounds great but what are my members saying?

See you soon!

~ Logan | Legacy Compass


Access to Exclusive Discord Channel


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